London International Disputes: Present and Future

7 May 2019 - 10 May 2019
London International Disputes Week


The inaugural London International Disputes Week (LIDW) will explore the future of international dispute resolution and celebrate the heritage of London as a leading centre for handling international disputes, through a programme of interactive sessions and networking events.

The event  

Spanning four days, LIDW comprises a must-attend 1-day conference at the National Gallery and 18 sessions on different types of disputes and forms of dispute resolution. Information on the programme and registration process can be found here, and there are ‘Register now’ links across the site (including above and on the Register page).

The technical sessions will bring together lawyers, judges, arbitrators, academics and others involved in using or administrating dispute resolution from around the world and many sectors. The event will also draw on the international experience of clients and colleagues and facilitate discussions on the future of dispute resolution in both in London and globally.

There will be many opportunities to enjoy networking with colleagues, including a welcome drinks reception at Banking Hall and a gala dinner at historic Mansion House.

LIDW is presented by a group of over 50 leading law firms, barristers’ chambers, experts, academics, legal commentators and dispute resolution organisations (see Existing Members and Supporters & Friends).

The Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Gloster, former Lady Justice of Appeal, comments:

“I am delighted to support the first ever London International Disputes Week in May 2019. I look forward to discussing with delegates from around the world the challenges and opportunities in dispute resolution and London’s place in our increasingly globalised world.  

“London has long been a respected centre for handling disputes, but this is not a time for complacency. The event will provide our great city with the opportunity to showcase our heritage, whilst looking ahead to the future and how we will adapt, evolve and progress.”  

London holds international appeal as a centre for dispute resolution – whether through its courts or by arbitration, mediation, expert determination or negotiation – built upon a rich tradition of English law dating back to the Magna Carta. LIDW comes at a watershed time for the UK legal sector, as London looks to establish its future role and status as a dispute resolution hub in the post-Brexit environment.

LIDW strives to be forward-thinking and inclusive, demonstrating legal London’s commitment to diversity.