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Thirty Second BIICL Investment Treaty Forum Public Conference – State Responsibility in Investment Law (£)

10 May 2019 | Full Day
London International Disputes Week


British Institute for International and Comparative Law

What this session will cover

The thirty second Investment Treaty Forum Conference (British Institute of International and Comparative Law) coincides with the LIDW. It will focus on a range of issues related to State responsibility such as circumstances precluding wrongfulness, force majeure, distress and necessity, and fundamental change of circumstances.

It will also examine the issues of attribution including the attribution for conduct of different branches of government, State entities, provinces and municipalities. In addition, other issues such as contributory fault, responsibility for continuous and composite acts as well as cumulative effect of a series of acts will be examined by the speakers and discussed with the audience.

More details (including speakers, precise timings and venue) will be available soon at https://www.biicl.org/event/1364/thirty-second-itf-public-conference-state-responsibility-in-investment-law

Registration will be directly with the organiser and not via the LIDW website.