About membership

London International Disputes Week

Who can become a member of LIDW?

We welcome applications for membership from:

  • Law firms, barristers’ chambers, arbitrators and mediators involved in litigation and arbitration in the UK courts and tribunals.
  • Organisations providing ancillary services to those litigators and barristers. For example: litigation funders, eDiscovery providers, expert witnesses, media and publishing houses*.

* Please note this does not include the providers of marketing and advertising services (and similar) to member firms

Become an LIDW Friend

We welcome Friends from:

  • Corporate in-house legal departments.
  • UK and international educational, professional and not-for-profit organisations within the legal industry. For example: law societies, institutions and bodies representing litigators and arbitrators.
  • Universities qualify for Friends membership if applied for by the head of the law faculty/authorised representative.
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How much does it cost to become a member of LIDW?

As a not-for-profit organisation we ask all members for a small annual fee to cover our administrative costs. Membership and access to the LIDW community runs from 1 January to 31 December.

  • Annual membership cost: £300 **
  • Membership for friends: free

** Prices are excluding VAT. There is no pro rata reduction for entities that join late in the year. Membership is always due for renewal at the end of the calendar year. All prices above are subject to VAT.  Please note that the Board of LIDW reserves the right both to refuse any application for Membership, and to revoke membership and refund that year’s fee at any time. 

Information for members

Members receive regular communications about LIDW’s plans and how to get involved.  Plus regular updates are available on LIDW’s LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

Membership renewals

Membership renewals are sent out in October each year if you have not had your renewal notice or if your LIDW contact has changed, please email info@lidw.co.uk.