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Hotting up? International, cross border insurance disputes in a post pandemic ESG focussed era

13 May 2022 | 16:00 - 18:00 (BST)
London International Disputes Week


Angus Duncan, WTW; Charles Gordon, IPOS Mediation; Natalie Graham, Mosaic Insurance Company; Peter Hardy, Reed Smith; James Wickes, RPC.

What this session will cover

Looking to a future increasingly concerned by ESG considerations, this session will discuss how risk perceptions of companies and corporate
stakeholders are changing in response to the new focus of the post pandemic environment. It is clear that for the boardroom in general, and
individual directors and officers in particular, the risk analysis will need to acknowledge this new focus and understand how traditional insurance
protection is keeping pace.

The panel will consider the challenges presented to the boardroom by a growth in disputes resulting from cross border issues such as climate
change litigation, and how insurance planning is evolving with ESG considerations in mind. ESG considerations are anticipated in a re-emergence of regulatory action and investigations post pandemic, and the panel will consider the extent to which cover will be available to soften any new regulatory impact.

Speakers will include legal advisers expert in both coverage issues and claims, insurance market representatives to provide insight on how the market is expecting to adapt to the new pressures of the post-pandemic world and the session will be led by an experienced insurance and disputes mediator.