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An introduction to crypto disputes

13 May 2022 | 12:00 - 14:00 (BST)
London International Disputes Week


Stephen Houseman QC – Moderator, Essex Court Chambers; Matthew Lavy, 4 Pump Court; John Lee, Travers Smith; David McIlroy, Forum Chambers; Ryan Rubin, Ankura; Erica Stanford, Crypto Curry Club

What this session will cover

Investment and interest in cryptocurrencies, virtual assets, and other blockchain-related technologies have exploded over the past decade. Yet as the “virtual” and “crypto” asset class has expanded, regulatory, legal, and risk-management constructs have not kept pace and remain in flux. All stakeholders, businesses, regulators, and investors are facing the growing pains of this new asset class and its related technologies in an uncertain, volatile environment. This session will explore the crypto ecosphere and dispute landscape arising from this emerging space.