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Stepping back from the brink: turning from dispute to settlement

11 May 2021 | 18:00 – 19:00
London International Disputes Week


Adrian Lifely, Solicitor and Mediator (Session Chair); James Handley, Chartered Psychologist; Rebecca Clark, Mediator, IPOS; Karl Mackie CBE, Mediator, CEDR; Bill Marsh, Mediator, Independent Mediators

What this session will cover

The battle lines are drawn and your client’s case is taking on a life of its own. But what if you want to step off the litigation train and try to settle the case? How do you get your client from “litigation mode” to “settlement mode”? What are the psychological factors in play in a negotiation? What are the roadblocks to settlement and how can you overcome them? And how do you encourage your opponent to think positively about settlement possibilities? This session, led by an expert in business conflict and four leading mediators with past experience as clients and as instructing solicitors will look at the psychological influences in play, and the tools required, to settle cases.

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