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Global trade challenges in the digital world-different world, same issues?

11 May 2022 | 14:15 - 15:15 (BST)
London International Disputes Week


David Lewis QC, Moderator, Barrister, Twenty Essex; Charlotte Hill, Senior Associate, Pennningtons Manches Cooper; Tetyana Nesterchuk, Barrister, Fountain Court Chambers; Dragos Voncu, Legal Director, Alro; Milijana Zaric, Head of Legal and Compliance, Covantis

What this session will cover

We hear much talk about the digital world, smart contracts, the impact of the advent of blockchain and the cyber world in which we all live, but are the challenges that these innovations in doing business will bring really any different to the challenges that businesses have previously faced? Is it going to be easier to overcome breaks in the supply chain? Are businesses now any more susceptible to fraud or threats to their existence than they were before? What lessons have we learned that we can put into practice as we look to the future? This panel will be drawn from both the business and legal communities, as we look at what the digital world can learn from the physical world, and vice versa.