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Questions to ask your lawyer at the start of a dispute

Complexity One question that you could ask is how complex might the dispute be. Complexity introduces multiple variables into a dispute – in particular, it increases the chance that the actual costs will exceed the estimate. It also brings greater uncertainty into any assessment of the outcome. Will the large amount of evidence support your […]

Published on: 11/12/20

The lessons of virtual and hybrid cases in London’s Commerial Court

Since then the Court has seen hundreds of virtual hearings, ranging from short case management conferences, right through to lengthy witness actions with factual and expert witnesses appearing from multiple continents. Since June some hearings have moved back to partly court based structures – “hybrid” hearings, which come in many shapes and forms. Over that […]

Published on: 11/12/20

The litigation centre of a decentralised world

The inaugural London International Disputes Week (LIDW) in 2019 was an overwhelming success, not only for the attendees and hosts, but for London as a whole. With over 1,100 registrations from 47 jurisdictions around the world, the event – which provided a forum for discussion on the future of international litigation and arbitration – showcased […]

Published on: 02/5/21

Why LIDW has moved to a membership structure

The origins of LIDW LIDW was conceived in late 2017, when a group of London-based legal disputes professionals got together to discuss how to promote London as a leading hub for international dispute resolution and celebrate its rich heritage. This quickly grew to a group of over 60 founders and supporting institutions, and the inaugural […]

Published on: 11/12/20