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A city of the world: London as an international dispute resolution hub

Historically, London has long been a “city of the world” acting as an international financial centre; a global hub for insurance, shipping, and commodities trade; and as one of the most prominent centres for dispute resolution, whether in court or out-of-court. In the last two decades we have witnessed the emergence of dispute resolution hubs, […]

Published on: 03/4/21

A word from our sponsors: LIDW21 sponsors speak on their expectations for the event

LIDW21 was envisioned as a way to reinforce London’s reputation as a global centre of international dispute resolution and to create a platform for global discussion of key dispute resolution topics and strengthening the UK’s links with partners around the world.  We are thrilled to be working with our sponsorship partners to deliver this vision. […]

Published on: 02/15/21

Beyond buzzwords: the role of the behavioural sciences in dispute resolution

For lawyers, the impact of these biases on judges and arbitrators are particularly interesting, either out of genuine concern for the quality of the judicial decision-making process or to play into these biases as an advocacy tool (or both). Of course, it helps that ‘behavioural law’ studies also make for great headlines and buzzwords. Who […]

Published on: 05/4/21

Chief Justice Speech

Building the Global Village

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am highly honoured to be invited to this year’s International Disputes week event. If the past year has taught us anything, it is to appreciate the importance of remaining connected within the world of disputes that affect so much of our lives, particularly in the field of […]

Published on: 05/21/21

Challenge, change, and opportunity

Delivering his keynote address to the virtual conference, Buckland traversed easy ground in stressing collaboration, referencing his colleague, and fellow silk, Lord Wolfson QC’s contribution at LIDW, in his fireside chat with Law Society president, Stephanie Boyce, and Bar Council chair, Derek Sweeting QC. There was a nod, too, to the Standing International Forum of […]

Published on: 05/17/21

Climate-related disputes and the path towards emissions reduction

  Climate change litigation The term ‘climate change litigation’ encompasses a range of proceedings involving issues related to climate change, and includes both: public law actions against governments and state bodies based on issues related to human rights, constitutional and administrative law (such as the Urgenda case discussed further below); and private law actions against […]

Published on: 07/6/21


Europe’s Increased Focus on Trading Manipulation

European regulators have stepped up their focus on trading manipulation conduct. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)[2] along with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) have in recent years focused their efforts on detecting and pursuing disruptive trading strategies like “spoofing” and cross-market manipulation. Spoofing can take different forms, but typically involves the placing of […]

Published on: 05/24/21

How not to apply for funding

How not to apply for funding

Background The genesis of the session was a question I have been asked many times, namely “how do I make a successful application for litigation funding?”. While I can provide an answer of sorts, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. There will always be an element of subjectivity in a funder’s decision-making process. I feel much […]

Published on: 06/29/21

International mediation – how not to get lost in translation

Disputes are difficult at the best of times. Add parties who come from different countries and cultures and things can become even more challenging. That’s why for international disputes it is good to have a mediator who is attuned to global differences and can guide you and your client through any potential minefields. During your […]

Published on: 01/19/22

Is a dispute “worth” it?

A law firm can budget costs through mapping out billable hours, and a quantum expert can assess the amount of damages that can be claimed.  However, a commercial client can find valuing a dispute more complicated because of the diverse viewpoints of internal stakeholders. The CFO may take a purely financial view in terms of […]

Published on: 04/15/21