Covid-19 Update

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Following the updated guidance and measures introduced by the UK Government, we are monitoring the situation closely. At present, our intention is to proceed with the running of this event as planned in September 2020, but in line with best practice, we are keeping this under review as the situation develops. We will provide further updates in due course and we would like to reassure all our members and supporters that should the coronavirus pandemic result in disruption to LIDW 2020, all necessary steps and decisions will ​be taken at the appropriate time.


About LIDW

London International Disputes Week: Its history, structure and ethos

When was LIDW formed?

In late 2017, a group of London-based legal professionals got together to discuss ideas to promote globally London as a leading centre for international dispute resolution and celebrate its rich heritage.

A group of over 60 founders and supporting institutions formed to present the inaugural LIDW event in May 2019. Spanning four days, LIDW2019 included a one-day flagship conference at the National Gallery, 18 technical sessions on different types of disputes and forms of dispute resolution, and a gala dinner at Mansion House in the City of London with opening drinks at Banking Hall.

How is LIDW structured as an organisation?

In October 2019, representatives from the group incorporated ‘London International Disputes Week Limited’ under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company (limited by shares).

The day-to-day activities of LIDW are led by member volunteers made up of a core committee and sub-committees. LIDW is supported in its work by First Event, a leading UK event management company and Byfield Consultancy, a leading legal communications company.

What is LIDW’s governing ethos?

LIDW is a collaborative, representative, world-class and forward-thinking body that demonstrates the UK’s legal community’s commitment to innovation, excellence, upholding the rule of law and diversity.

When deciding programme content and choosing speakers for LIDW events and sessions, the organisers commit to take all reasonable steps to consider and promote a fair representation of diverse speakers.

How was LIDW 2019 received?



The event brought together lawyers, judges, arbitrators, academics, clients, government officials and others involved with dispute resolution from around the world spanning many sectors. Feedback on the events from attendees and speakers across the week was positive. So, when the dust from the week had settled, all those involved agreed that LIDW2019 shouldn’t be a one-off and set about planning for LIDW2020 and beyond.